Welcome to Lunca Ilvei

It is a village in the mountains, placed between Transylvania and Bucovina on the superior watercourse of Ilva Valley. The area is part of Bargau mountains, with altitudes between 650 – 1450 m, offering ideal conditions for holidays.
Some houses reach the top of the mountains. Life goes on in simplicity, in harmony with the earth, the plants, the animals, the rain, the sun, the winds, far from the bustle of the city.
This is where the air smell like grass, like flowers and fir trees.


Eco-tourism is considerd to be a model of touristic development that takes into consideration the respect for nature and cultural values.

It's not only a branch in tourism industry, but a form of sustainable tourism that preserves nature and the well-being of the local comunity.

The landscapes are spectacular and comforting: hills that cover volcanic knolls, pastures and hayfields interpenetrated by shady coniferous forests, all which provide home for a diverse fauna.

From the top of the volcanic knolls, during sunny days, the landscape of the transylvaninan hills and Dornelor county can be admired as well as the mountain tops of Rodnei and Calimani mountains.

If you'll choose Lunca Ilvei for a holiday or even a weekend, you'll have the opportunity of taking advantage of a marvelous natural landscape in every season.

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