Lunca Ilvei Maps

Access details

By train

If you are taking the train, get off the train at station "Lunca Ilvei" and then walk about 300-400 m until you reach the mail street. At this point you take a right and walk in that direction for about 1 km. The house is on the left side of the road and is signaled by a green plate that reads " RETEA TURISTICA"

Train details:

By car

If you're driving, take the route Cluj - Dej - Salva - Nasaud - Ilva Mica - Lunca Ilvei (180 km). As you reach the village Lunca Ilvei, the house will be on the right side of the road at aproximately 1,7 km. The hose is signaled by a green plate that reads "RETEA TURISTICA".

GPS Coordinates: 47.3627, 24.9492